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To further check Linux Apache MySQL PHP (LAMP) stack installation, the following can be made to know the exact installed version of each application.

Check Apache version.

To check the Apache HTTP Server version, type httpd -v on the command line.

$ httpd -v

Apache’s version is 2.4.55.

Check PHP version.

To check the PHP version, type php-v on the command line.

$ php -v

PHP’s version is 8.1.16.

Check MySQL version.

To check the MySQL version, login to MySQL. Type mysql -uroot -p on the command line.

$ mysql -uroot -p

You will be asked to enter the PASSWORD.

Enter the PASSWORD, and upon successful login, the version of MySQL will be displayed.

MySQL’s version is 10.6.12.

Check Access MySQL Database From Terminal to learn more about accessing MySQL from the command line.


  • Including the PASSWORD value on the command line is a security risk, prompt MySQL to require the password.






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