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Create your own post views counter in WordPress with no plugin needed. Use the post meta field to store count views of a particular post, and increment it for every page hit.


  • WordPress 6.2

Step 1.

Create a new function inside functions.php, and use it as a callback function to the action wp_head hook.


 * Post views counter.
function hook_counter() {
    if (is_singular('post')) {
        $count = get_post_meta( get_queried_object_id(), 'total_views_count' )[0];
        update_post_meta( get_queried_object_id(), 'total_views_count', ($count+1) );

add_action('wp_head', 'hook_counter');


  • hook_counter() is the name of the new function.
  • is_singular('post') will determine whether the query is an existing single post.
  • $count is where the current post views count will be temporarily stored.
  • get_post_meta() will retrieve a post meta field (total_views_count) for the given post ID.
  • get_queried_object_id() will retrieve the ID of the currently queried object.
  • update_post_meta() will update the post meta field (total_views_count) based on the given post ID, will increment current count by 1 ($count+1).
  • add_action() will add a callback function to an action hook (wp_head).


Post count views are now saving, to immediately verify it, make a direct SQL query to your database.


  • meta_value is total post views count.
  • post_id is given post ID.







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